The first Twins-winning catcher since Kim Dong-soo was born “I can’t forget the second round of the game until I die…We are too strong.”

In 1990’s V1 and 1994’s V2, the LG Twins’ championship catcher was “KBO Legend Catcher” Kim Dong-soo. However, LG did not produce a championship catcher for 29 years after 1994. In 2023, in his first season with the team, Park Dong-won became the first Twins catcher in 29 years to win the title.토토사이트

On Nov. 13, LG won Game 5 of the Korean Series against KT WIZ at Jamsil Stadium, 6-2, to clinch the title with a 4-1 series victory.

The biggest turning point in the Korean Series was Park Dong-won’s game-winning two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth inning of Game 2. After losing Game 1, LG dropped Game 2 in a close game, but Park’s game-winning shot helped them bounce back to win the series. Park also hit a two-run home run in Game 3 to set the stage for the comeback. In all, Park is batting .313 with five doubles, two home runs, and four RBIs in the Korean Series.

LG Twins win the Korean Series. Photo (Jamsil)=Kim Jae-hyun
LG manager Yeom Kyung-yup said after the win, “We lost the crucial first game, but Park Dong-won’s come-from-behind home run in the second game was crucial. Thanks to that, we were able to regain our confidence and win the Korean Series. I’m going to share the manager’s prize of 10 million won with 5 million won each. Park Dong-won and Yoo Young-chan. I hope they each get a nice bag. Dong-won got a lot of money in free agency (laughs). Yoo Young-chan was the breathing room for our team to get through the innings,” he said, praising Park Dong-won’s performance.

After enjoying the victory ceremony, Park told the press, “I’m so happy. I feel like I’ve been rewarded for my hard work for 144 games. I’ll never forget the comeback in Game 2. I remember feeling that I wasn’t ready for the 2014 Korean Series. I’m glad I was able to give back to the coach who raised me from then on, but I don’t know why he’s sharing the prize money, he’s just spending 20 million won (laughs). I told my wife that I’m going to buy her a gift, but I’m going to have to change my gift plan,” he laughed.

Regarding his emotions in the top of the ninth inning, Park said, “I knew I wanted to catch the last pitch of the count, but I’m glad I handled it well. When I got the second out, I felt so emotional and tears came to my eyes. Personally, this is my third Korean Series challenge, and as the saying goes, I’m really happy to win my third challenge. If I hadn’t won this time, I wouldn’t have been able to do it until I quit,” he said.

Park Dong-won is confident that LG’s victory will not be a flash in the pan in 2023, and he is confident that they can build an LG dynasty.

“I’m so grateful to my teammates for coming this far. Thanks to them, I got the title of championship catcher. I think our team is too strong. I believe we can win again next year. We will prepare hard again in the upcoming winter.”

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