Carefully run “↔”Jang Sung-woo’s ability to block it is different for PS”…The head coach’s psychological battle has already begun

The LG Twins and KT Wiz will play Game 1 of the Korean Series of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League postseason on Sunday at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. The managers of both teams attended the Korean Series media day at the same venue on June 6 and spoke about their strategies for the series.

“I think the pennant race and the Korean Series are different,” said LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop. “If we played bold and aggressive base running (in the pennant race), we need to be more cautious in the Korean Series. You have to make sure you have a high probability.”굿모닝토토

LG has been aggressive on the basepaths this season. They attempted the most stolen bases out of the 10 teams, running to steal a total of 267 bases. The second most stolen base attempts after LG were by the Doosan Bears, who attempted 181. That’s a whopping 86 more attempts than the second-place Doosan. Their stealing success rate was 61.9%, the lowest of the 10 teams, but they also stole the most bases.

However, the Korean Series is a game where every moment counts. A missed steal in a crucial situation, or a caught stealing, can change the momentum in an instant. That’s why manager Yoon Kyung-yeop has said that he will play a cautious base running game.

KT catcher Jang Jang-woo has thwarted 13 stolen bases this season. However, his stolen base rate is low at 0.146. This is the lowest stolen base rate among catchers who have played more than 100 games. However, KT manager Lee Kang-cheol was confident that Jang would be different in fall baseball.

“We just played the playoffs against the NC Dinos. We haven’t prepared for the Korean Series yet,” he said, adding, “Jung’s ability to stop stolen bases will be different in the postseason. He also prevented stolen bases in the tiebreaker in 2021.”

Both managers singled out the pitching staff as an area of concern. However, Yeom Kyung-yeop believes KT’s starting pitching staff will be strong, while Lee Kang-cheol believes LG’s bullpen will be tricky. KT’s starters have a 3.87 ERA (4th in the league) and have pitched the most innings among the 10 clubs with 793⅓ innings. The LG bullpen leads the league with a 3.43 ERA and has pitched 570 innings. They were responsible for the second most innings behind the Hanwha Eagles (609⅔ innings).

“LG’s bullpen can use seven or eight guys. ”They have a lot of hitters with good contact, so we had a tough time in the regular season. Their starters will throw long pitches, but we will have to score runs in between.”

“KT’s starting lineup is the most threatening,” said Yeom Kyung-yup. I think the key point is to break down the starters quickly.” “In the batting order, Park Byung-ho and Byeong-dae showed strong performances. In the batting order, Park Byeong-ho and Choi Bae-dae were strong. I think it’s important to stop both of them.”

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