The Major League is obsessed with Korea and Japan, and a Japanese pitcher with 146km and 70 wins also declares entry into the Major League… “It’s not overwhelming, but there’s no need for a large amount of money, 6 clubs are interested” US media evaluation

American media outlet MLB Trade Rumors reported on the 29th (Korean time), “Nippon Ham right-handed starting pitcher Uwasawa held a press conference and announced his plans to advance to the Major League. “Because Uwasawa is not yet a full-fledged free agent, he could advance to the major leagues through posting.”토토사이트

Uwasawa is a starting pitcher with a total of 173 games (1,118 ⅓ innings) in Japanese professional baseball, with 70 wins, 62 losses, 1 hold, and an ERA of 3.19. MLB Trade Rumors said, “Uwasawa turns 30 in February next year. He introduced Woo and Sawa, saying, “He had a walk rate of 7.5% and a strikeout rate of 19.7%.”

Major league clubs are paying attention to the Asian market this coming winter. Aside from Shohei Ohtani (Angels), Cody Bellinger (Cubs), and Blake Snell (San Diego), there are not many big players in this winter’s free agent market, and in Asia, Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix), Jung-hoo Lee (Kiwoom), and Shota Imanaga (Yokohama) This is because special stars such as ) declared their entry into the major league.

MLB Trade Rumors said, “Since his debut in Japanese professional baseball in 2014, Uwasawa has been selected as an All-Star three times and has grown into a reliable starting pitcher in both his performance and durability. “He suffered a fracture after being hit by a line drive in 2019, but has returned in good health by pitching at least 152 innings over the past three seasons,” he explained.

This media outlet consistently mentioned Uwasawa in its podcast. This is because Uwasawa consistently expressed his desire to advance to the major leagues. MLB Trade Rumors said, “Uwasawa’s speed is not fast, with an average speed of 90.8 miles per hour (146.1 km). Also, he doesn’t have the same pitch that allows him to strike out a lot or the same control that Kohei Arihara (Softbank) had when he entered the major leagues. Nevertheless, major league clubs are evaluating how competitive Uwasawa can be in the big league.”

Japanese media outlet Sports Hochi said in September, “Texas, Arizona, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Cubs, and Angels are all observing Uwasawa. “There is considerable interest in Uwasawa among major league clubs.” MLB Trade Rumors commented, “Uwasawa is not as good as stars like Yamamoto or Imanaga, but he could be an interesting player in the market for semi-level starting pitchers who do not need a large contract.”

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