‘Unqualified referee’ assigned in K7 League, disciplinary proceedings underway… KFA “serious matter”, Sports Ethics Center also investigates

It was revealed that an ‘unqualified referee’ was assigned to the K7 League for the 2023 season in one region.

The K7 League is an amateur soccer league that started in 2017 and is directly operated by each city, county, and district soccer association. One local soccer association assigned an unqualified referee to the first round of the 2023 K7 League.

In order to referee in the K7 League, you must hold at least a level 5 referee certificate and be a referee registered with the Korea Football Association (KFA).

An unqualified referee means a referee who is not registered with the KFA. The unqualified referee assigned this time does not have any refereeing experience. Referred to as ‘inactive referees’, they are people who held referee qualifications in the past, but were unable to maintain their referee qualifications due to failing to pass refresher training and physical fitness tests. Although he only had a certificate in the past, he is currently ‘unqualified’.

The local soccer association assigned an unqualified referee to referee, and changed the name of the active referee registered with the KFA to the match report (referee report). Referee fees were also paid to unqualified referees. Therefore, there is a possibility that document forgery and breach of trust may be applied.

There was also a tournament management center at the game. They condoned the assignment of unqualified referees and the change of names. The competition organizer also cannot avoid responsibility.

The reason for assigning unqualified referees is the lack of referees. In situations where there is a shortage of referees, a referee must be appointed from another region, but the local soccer association ignored this process and left the whistle to an unqualified referee in the region.

Referee A Chairman of the local soccer association, who took office this year, admitted to assigning unqualified referees.

He said, “It is true that an unqualified referee was used in the first round of the K7 League this season. There were not enough referees, so they were assigned number 1. I also admit that I changed the name of an unqualified referee to a KFA registered referee and posted a report. I know there is a problem. The game must be played. “And I did that because there was no referee,” he said.토토사이트

It was revealed that an unqualified referee was assigned to one game this season, and suspicions were raised that the local soccer association had assigned unqualified referees several times in the past. Some circumstances were also revealed.

When asked, “Have you ever assigned an unqualified referee in the past?” B, who was the chairman of the regional referee committee before Chairman A, avoided answering by saying, “I can’t say anything about that.”

However, C, who served as the regional referee before Chairman B took office, acknowledged it. He replied, “Not in the K7 League, but in other games, I used unqualified referees because there were not enough referees. I had to play the game, but there were not enough referees, so I did that. I didn’t do it on purpose. I know I did something wrong.”

KFA also recognized this situation. The K7 League is a league directly operated by each city, county, and district soccer association, but the highest level organization, KFA, is responsible for overall and management.

KFA was informed of this fact and ordered the local soccer association to take its own disciplinary action. Disciplinary action for assigning unqualified referees is inevitable.

An official from the KFA referee committee said, “The assignment of an unqualified referee has been reported to the KFA. We have instructed the local soccer association to conduct its own investigation and report the disciplinary action. The disciplinary process is in progress. If the disciplinary action is raised to the KFA, we “We will determine whether disciplinary action is appropriate,” he explained.

He then expressed his concern, saying, “This is unacceptable. An unqualified referee was assigned and the name of an active referee was changed. The competition management also condoned this. It is a serious matter.”

In fact, the disciplinary process is ongoing. Referee A said, “I know I will be disciplined,” and Judge C also said, “When the investigation comes out, I will tell the truth and be disciplined.” This is not something that will end at KFA. This

case is currently being handled by the Sports Ethics Center. It has been reported. A referee official in this area reported it to the Sports Ethics Center, and an investigation was conducted.

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