“I hope you listened to Monroe’s words” Yang Hee-jong leaves for the U.S., his final words to his juniors.

Yang Hee-jong, who is leaving for the United States, left a final greeting to his juniors.

The official opening game of the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang professional basketball game between Anyang CheongKwanJang and Seoul SK was held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 21st. A man with a familiar face was sitting in the stands watching the game. It was Anyang’s franchise star Yang Hee-jong, who announced his retirement at the end of last season. Although the distance was distant, he cheered his juniors on with his whole heart.

Yang Hee-jong, who met at halftime, said, “I feel this once again, but basketball is really fun to watch on the field. Seeing the players play for the first time in a long time seems to revive their latent passion. “I’m having so much fun watching the game,” he said.

Last season, CheongKwanJang won its second overall championship since its founding. Yang Hee-jong led the team by demonstrating leadership both on and off the court. He attended the championship ring presentation ceremony that began before the game and wore his fourth championship ring. Attending the championship ring presentation ceremony were not only Yang Hee-jong, but also Oh Se-geun, who transferred to SK, Byun Jun-hyung and Han Seung-hee, who are currently serving in the military at Sangmu.

“(Byun) Jun-hyung and (Han) Seung-hee came out on vacation, and I’m glad that (Oh) Se-geun, who transferred to SK, was able to join us as well. Since we were all together, we reminisced a lot about old times. It was such a good picture. Although we can’t run together anymore, it was a meaningful time. “Now I have to keep it as a memory, but it meant a lot to me.” These are the words of Yang Hee-jong.온라인카지노

Yang Hee-jong receives leadership training at UT Arlington, a member of the NCAA, with the help of Jeong Kwan-jang. He is scheduled to leave for the United States on the 22nd and begin full-scale leadership classes.

Yang Hee-jong said, “I am half excited and half excited. There are some areas of concern. He sometimes wonders, ‘Can I do well?’ I want to go and try everything I can. I am grateful to the club for creating this great opportunity. “I hope my juniors can see through me that something good like this can happen if they dedicate themselves to the team for a long time,” he said.

Jeong Kwan-Jang, who had many changes in the composition of the team, suffered his first loss of the season, losing 74-89 to SK. As it is a fresh start with a new team name, it is expected that there will be trial and error.

Yang Hee-jong said, “The juniors had a very busy offseason. This season, the EASL (East Asian Super League) will also be played home and away. The most important thing is not to get injured. I hope we can trust the manager and coaches and rely on each other as we prepared. I believe that if we come together as one, we can overcome any hardships and adversities that come our way. And finally, I hope you listen carefully to what (Daryl) Monroe says,” he said, leaving a final word to his juniors.

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