Liverpool’s worst injury… Robertson misses three months with shoulder dislocation, out in 2023

Andy Robertson (29, Liverpool) is out for a long period of time due to a shoulder injury.

Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 20th (Korean time), “Liverpool’s Robertson is scheduled to be out for about three months as he prepares for shoulder surgery.”토토사이트

“Robertson, captain of the Scotland national team, suffered an injury during a clash with goalkeeper Unai Simon during the Euro 2024 qualifiers against Spain. He dislocated his right shoulder and returned to Liverpool to discuss the best treatment with the club’s medical staff and specialists. He underwent surgery. If I had not had it, I could have returned within 4 weeks, but if I did that, there was a high risk that the injury would recur. It was decided that the most wise and responsible decision would be to have surgery, which would require 10 to 12 weeks of recovery. The surgery is scheduled to take place early next week. “It is,” he added.

Regarding this, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said: “After speaking to all the experts, surgery seems to be the best option in the long term. It means that Robertson will be out for some time. My experience is that he can return to training quite quickly, but it seems that surgery is the best option in the long term. “It’s different. With these types of injuries, there’s a lot to be careful about and pay attention to,” he explained.

Accordingly, Robertson will no longer be able to play on the field in 2023. The Athletic said: “Robertson is unlikely to play again until 2024, meaning he will miss Premier League games against Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. This absence is the worst of Robertson’s Anfield career. “It will be a long departure,” he said.

Robertson has been an unwavering starter since joining Liverpool in the summer of 2017. In particular, he showed himself as the ‘Steel King’ by playing in most games every season. As for his injury history, his only long-term injury was a knee injury that lasted about a month during the 2022-23 season.

However, he suffered a serious injury in the A match this October. Robertson, who was playing in the Euro 2024 qualifying match against Spain, fell on his right shoulder after colliding with goalkeeper Simon during a collision during the first half. Robertson, who complained of pain, was substituted out.

His condition was serious, and it was decided to undergo surgical treatment. In the case of his shoulder dislocation, it is an injury with a high risk of recurrence. There was a risk in performing his rehabilitation treatment, and after discussion, it was decided to go on the operating table. Britain’s ‘The Times’ predicted that he would be sidelined for up to four months.

Liverpool will have to rely on Konstantinos Tsimikas until Robertson returns.

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