Vietnamese media and fans’ anger: “Troussier’s soccer is weaker than Park Hang-seo’s soccer. Don’t you take care of defense?”

“Let’s control the ball, move forward, and play defense first.”

Vietnam’s ‘Sao Star’ said on the 14th (Korean time), “Vietnam has become weaker under coach Philippe Trussier. It looks completely different from Vietnam under coach Park Hang-seo,” and added, “You can definitely feel a big difference, especially when it comes to defense.” It exploded.

The national soccer team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann defeated Tunisia 4-0 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th. Korea will face Vietnam, ranked 95th in the FIFA rankings, at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th.

Korea’s next opponent, which achieved its first two consecutive wins since Klinsmann took office, is Vietnam, ranked 95th in the FIFA rankings. This is a team that falls far short of Korea’s goal of winning the Asian Cup.

Vietnam lost 0-2 in a friendly match against the Chinese national team held in Dalian, China on the 10th. Vietnam also fell 0-2 to Uzbekistan at the same venue on the 13th. China is 80th in the FIFA rankings, and Uzbekistan is 75th.

Fortunately, the Korea Football Association did not invite Vietnam. An association official said, “We first received a call from Vietnam. “The condition was that Vietnam would cover all living expenses, including airfare and lodging,” he said.토토사이트

If you listen to Director Trussier’s interview, the effectiveness of the Vietnam War becomes even more questionable. After losing 0-2 to Uzbekistan on the 13th, Trussier said, “It is not surprising that we lost to Uzbekistan. Our market share was only about 30%. “Even if I did get the ball, it was quickly taken away due to a mistake.”

In January 2023, Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo resigned and coach Trussier, who previously led the Japanese national team, was appointed. Like coach Park Hang-seo, he holds full authority over Vietnamese soccer while simultaneously leading the U-23 and adult national teams.

However, after Coach Trussier took office, Vietnam’s upward trend completely slowed down. They won 1-0 over Syria-Hong Kong, 1-0 over Syria, and 2-0 over Palestine, but collapsed as soon as the match against the powerhouse began. Vietnam, which faced a superior opponent in the A match this October, lost 0-2 to China and 0-2 to Uzbekistan.

In particular, they were even more overwhelmed against Uzbekistan, where each player’s skills were at a high level. Vietnam literally suffered a sealed loss as they had less than 30% possession and failed to record a single effective shot. In this situation, Vietnam will clash with Korea at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th.

Vietnamese soccer fans were also angry at the change from the time of coach Park Hang-seo. Regarding Coach Trussier’s comment about the poor performance against Uzbekistan as a “process for improvement,” one Vietnamese fan sighed, “If you lose, you say you learned a lesson, and if you win, you say you achieved results.”

Saostar said, “Vietnam was clearly strong during the time of coach Park Hang-seo, but it has changed now. Defense is especially a problem. Since coach Trussier took office, there has been no stable defense in any game.” He added, “In particular, compared to the time of coach Park Hang-seo, aerial balls are too weak. “He sighed.

The media said, “We know that defense is a secondary priority for Trussier to catch the ball and attack. But the enemy

“For any team playing modern soccer, defense is the top priority,” he said. “Defense is important for any team. He pointed out, “We have to use practical soccer according to the situation.”

He continued, “If we struggle against Uzbekistan, I’m more curious about how we will deal with Korea. It will be more difficult to catch the ball against Korea in the first place. Regarding the aerial ball problem, Vietnam will struggle even more, and if things continue like this, a crushing defeat is expected,” he said, expressing strong dissatisfaction.

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