Korea, which scored first, erased non-variables!…AG Organizing Committee “Suspension of heavy rain before 5 times, application of suspended”

South Korean baseball wins its first four consecutive Asian Games. Rain won’t be a factor.

South Korea’s baseball team is playing a rainy final against Chinese Taipei at the Hangzhou Asian Games at the Xiaoxing Baseball and Softball Center in Zhejiang, China, on Sunday (Aug. 7). As of 7:50 p.m., it is still raining at the stadium.

Kim Joo-won’s sacrifice fly and wild pitch gave Korea a two-run lead, so the rain is a concern. The general rule is that if the game can no longer be played due to heavy rain before the fifth inning, it will be declared a no-game. Initially, the tournament organizers said, “If the game is canceled due to rain on the 7th, it will be held on the 8th. If it is still raining on the 8th, Taiwan will be awarded the gold medal based on the head-to-head record.”스포츠토토

It’s frustrating when a game is called due to rain after scoring the first run. And South Korea was coming into the final with the intention of avenging their group stage loss to Chinese Taipei.

The outnumbered Taiwanese national team manager appealed to the umpire, saying, “Isn’t it difficult to play because of the rain?” Given the pitch mix of left-handed starter Lin Yi-min, who works the count with a mix of curveballs and changeups, the rain doesn’t help. He throws a fastball that reaches over 150 kilometers per hour, but he uses his wrist a lot, which makes the ball slip when it gets wet.

Taiwanese hitters, who are gaining experience in the U.S. minor leagues, are also unfamiliar with the rain. Their one-timing swings make it difficult for them to control the bat as it spins in their hands when it gets wet. After losing the lead and being outplayed, Chinese Taipei will be tempted to use the rain as an excuse to declare a no-game.

However, the organizers confirmed that “if the game is interrupted by rain before the fifth inning, it will be played as a suspended game on the eighth day.” This means that the day’s action could continue even in the face of heavy rain. As of 7:55 p.m., the rain has ebbed and flowed, but the artificial turf field is not in danger of becoming unplayable.

Even if the game is canceled, Korea can’t begrudge the team for taking an early lead. If they can hold off the Chinese Taipei offense until the bottom of the fifth inning, they can look forward to a rain delay. There is nothing stopping them from winning their fourth straight Asian Games.

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