‘Please release my contract, let me go to Tottenham’ 24-year-old winger’s cry

Will Tottenham coach Angie Postekoglou and his former student be reunited?

There is a possibility that Son Heung-min’s team Tottenham will strengthen its side in January. Jota, who had glorious moments with coach Postekoglou during his time at Celtic, but is falling due to poor choices, is emerging as a candidate for a new recruit.

Tottenham is doing well this season after the appointment of coach Postekoglou. Since the opening of the Premier League, they have recorded 7 games undefeated and are fighting for the top spot. Although it is early, there is talk of a challenge for the championship.토토사이트

With coach Postekoglou’s offensive football gaining momentum, there are rumors that Tottenham will bring in additional players to strengthen the attack line in the January transfer market. Tottenham already recruited new players such as Manor Solomon and Brennan Johnson last summer, as well as Dejan Kulusevski, but coach Postekoglou says he is still hungry.

The main character is Jota. Coach Postekoglou is a big fan of Jota. They won many trophies with Celtic over the past two seasons. He was also a key player in last season’s treble. Jota left for Al Ittihad in Saudi Arabia in recognition of his performances at Celtic. Even though he was only 24 years old, he could not overcome the temptation of ‘oil money’.

But what is this? The transfer was the beginning of a nightmare. Of course, Jota was expected to play as a starting player, but there was no place for him at Al Ittihad. After the transfer, he is completely out of power. There is also talk that he has already been excluded from the first-team squad. This is a disaster that happened to a player who moved less than half a year ago.

Al Ittihad and Jota began talks to find a solution. The steering requirements are clear. It is a request to terminate the contract. So, I plan to return to Europe right away. The reason he is confident is because of Coach Postekoglou. Coach Postekoglou is waiting for Jota.

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