It’s like China… Absurd ‘territorialism’ from the first training in Hangzhou → Blocked reporters even during ‘open training’ and insisted on “no access”

China was territorial from the first day of training.

The U-24 Asian Games national team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong will play the quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games against China at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China at 9 pm (Korean time) on the 1st of next month.

Korea played four games in the group stage and round of 16 in Jinhua, not Hangzhou. Korea, which advanced to the quarterfinals, moved to Hangzhou on the 28th and took a day’s rest, then resumed training on the 29th and began preparations for the game in earnest.무지개토토

The national team trained at the auxiliary stadium located right next to the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium at 6pm on the 29th.

The training was an ‘open training’ in which one player was interviewed before training began and coverage was allowed for 15 minutes.

However, the Hangzhou Asian Games organizing committee blocked reporters from entering the training ground. Although the reporters said, “This is a training where reporting is officially permitted,” the organizing committee’s only answer was, “You cannot enter.”

Due to the unexpected situation, even the Korean Football Association (KFA) officials at the scene became busy. Despite the official’s explanation, the organizing committee maintained its position that only people related to the training athletes could enter the training ground.

In Jinhua, there were problems with access to the training ground, but registration for training ground coverage was carried out in batches, and there were no problems with visits after the initial period. However, the problem occurred again in Hangzhou. Moreover, each organizing committee official has a different story about applying for training coverage, and no clear procedures are explained. As of now, it is unclear whether training will be covered the day before the game.

In the end, the interview scheduled before the start of training could not be conducted at the scheduled time. The interview was postponed until after the training was over, and since entry to the training site was restricted, Hwang Jae-won came to the area where the reporters were and talked with each other through the iron bars.

Hwang Jae-won said, “It is China’s home and I think it will be a difficult game. In June, we already experienced the Chinese fans’ ‘jjayo’ and rough play. Soccer is inherently a rough sport. “If we don’t dwell on that and focus on our play, we will achieve good results,” he pledged.

If a procedure is requested, I am fully willing to follow it. However, they do not even clearly explain the reporting application process. From the first training in Hangzhou, there is no choice but to accept that they are ‘territorial’.
Article provided by My Daily

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