“Win after 29 years.” LG Jung Woo-young, who can’t join, “Thinking about the national team only.”

The last time the LG Twins won a regular season title was in 1994. Since then, the organization hasn’t lifted a regular season trophy in 28 years.

Few of LG’s current players remember the team’s championship run. Only Kim Jin-sung, the most senior pitcher, and Kim Hyun-soo, the most senior outfielder, are still around.

Core bullpener Jung Woo-young, born in 1999, wasn’t even born when LG won the championship, so it might be even more meaningful to him that LG won the regular season title this season.굿모닝토토

Through 27 days, LG had 80 wins, 48 losses, and two ties, finishing 8.5 games ahead of second-place KT Wiz, marking the magic number of six regular-season wins. LG is likely to celebrate its first regular season title as early as the first week of October. It’s been a whopping 29 years.

Unfortunately, Jung Woo-young won’t be there. He’s been named to the Korean National Team for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. He’ll have to watch his team’s victory from afar or hear about it later. It would have been a huge disappointment, but he’s not letting it get to him. Now that he’s on the national team, he’s determined to focus on the Korean team rather than LG.

“I’ve watched a little bit, but I’m only thinking about the national team,” he said when asked if he’s been following his team’s games since joining the national team after arriving at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in China with his teammates on Aug. 28.

When asked if LG might clinch the title during the Asian Games, he said, “I think it’s better for the national team to win the gold medal and then go (to the club). I will only focus on the Asian Games.”

Jung Woo-young has been preparing for the Games. He had a poor showing at the 2023 World Baseball Classic earlier this year after failing to stay healthy.

In the KBO regular season, he didn’t have the same power. In 57 games, he posted a 4.74 ERA.

“First of all, I’m not going to think about what I’ve done before, but I’m going to do my best to show good ball here,” Jung said, adding, “I’m going to approach this tournament as if I’m waiting in the bullpen every day.”

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