“If Jisung had La Liga, I would have gone to Spain,” Park asked and Son Heung-min answered…Son Heungmin, “I’ll clean up the thorns for my juniors”

South Korean soccer “legends” Park Ji-sung and Son Heung-min met in London.

In a video titled “Big Interview,” produced by Premier League Productions and released by NBCTV YouTube on Aug. 28 (KST), the two discussed life in the Premier League.

Park visited Tottenham Hotspur’s training center and interviewed Son Heung-min.레고토토

Son Heung-min reiterated that Park Ji-sung is his idol and said that watching Park Ji-sung play in the Premier League made him want to play in the Premier League as well.

Park Ji-sung then asked, “If I played in La Liga, I would have gone to Spain,” to which Son Heung-min replied, “Yes.”

He also recalled his time studying soccer in Germany and said that he studied and trained hard because he thought about how he would see his parents’ faces if he didn’t get a contract in Germany. Because of this, he couldn’t afford to feel lonely.

He went on to say that Park Ji-sung opened the door to the Premier League for the underdogs, and that he wants to play a role in removing the “thorns” so that the younger players can play soccer more comfortably.

He also said that he thinks about how he can do better on the pitch for the Korean fans who travel from far away to watch him play.

Heung-min said that his Korean fans are always watching and supporting him, so he tries to behave carefully on the field and off the field.

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