Manchester City’s unrivaled No. 1, Chelsea’s No. 16… Premier League teams’ points revealed as of 2023

Chelsea is one of the worst teams in the Premier League in 2023.

The Athletic, a British publication, released a list of Premier League teams with the most points in 2023. Man City came out on top, followed by Liverpool, Arsenal, and Aston Villa, with Chelsea in a tie for second place with 25 points and a miserable 16th place finish.토토사이트

Until the loss to Aston Villa, the most convincing excuse was that they were actually playing pretty well, or at least better than the results suggested, and they were able to continue that trend after the Villa game. Sure, they’re not winning games, but they’re creating chances, so in theory, a win should come at some point.

The problem is that there are only so many times you can say that before it rings hollow. Because this is not a temporary dip in form. Chelsea hasn’t been playing well for about 18 months. Since the start of last season, they have 49 points from 44 games, compared to just 25 points in 2023.

In this year’s league table, Chelsea will finish fifth to last in goal difference, behind Everton and the three teams relegated last season and the three teams promoted this season.

We all know the story. This is a completely new team, with only Conor Gallagher, Raheem Sterling, and Thiago Silva starting against Villa at this time last year. The new players are all very young, which makes the task of integrating them all that much more difficult. With a new manager in place, they will need time to settle in.

Before the game, Mauricio Pochettino said, “We are not the Chelsea that won the Champions League or the Premier League. We have to accept that this is a project. It’s just an idea, but with time we will build something for the future.”

The problem lies with Pochettino himself. Pochettino’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t have a plan B. Fans are frustrated with the tactics, which have changed drastically from pre-season. In the preseason, Pochettino used a back four to dominate the opposition and score a lot of goals, but in the regular season, he is using a back three and has scored five goals and conceded six in six games, looking neither offensive nor defensive.

The Athletic, a British publication, revealed some horrifying numbers surrounding Chelsea. First, Chelsea have failed to score in 13 Premier League games in 2023, more than any other team. Secondly, Pochettino’s side have won just one of their opening six Premier League games for the first time since the 2000/01 season.

Finally, it’s the first time they’ve lost three of their first six games.

Ultimately, Chelsea’s current problems lie with their manager. Even locally, Pochettino’s tactics and formations are being questioned. With 12 injuries already and many new additions to the squad, we know that Pochettino will have to change his tactics again, so the Blues need to get back to their pre-season form.

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