I can’t let the worst recruit run out of money…Everton consider ‘renegotiating’ with Tottenham

Everton are considering renegotiating with Tottenham Hotspur over Dele Alli’s contract options.

Alli was once dubbed England’s greatest ‘genius’ midfielder. His controlled physicality, smooth movement, football sense and intelligence were regarded as the best in the world, not just England.

At Tottenham, he dominated Europe. His 10 Premier League (PL) goals and nine assists in 2015-16 at the tender age of 19 earned him the PFA Young Player of the Year award, and in 2016-17 he was named PFA Young Player of the Year for the second consecutive season with 18 goals and nine assists in the league alone. During this period, Tottenham produced meaningful results around a solid attacking combination of Alli, Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Christian Eriksen.

But the ‘fall’ was short-lived. From 2018-19, the team gradually diminished, and by 2020-21, they were a non-factor. After failing to regain his footing in 2021-22, he pushed for a late-season loan and spent half a season at Everton, but there was no place for him at Tottenham and he completed a full transfer to Everton in 2022-23.

He looked to bounce back at his new club, but it wasn’t easy. Ali never quite regained his form and failed to compete for a starting spot at Everton. Later in the season, he went on loan to Besiktas in the Turkkiye League, but it was a downward spiral as he struggled to find his feet in a league lesser than the PL, scoring just three goals in 15 games, including cup competitions.토토사이트

Ali returned to Everton ahead of this season. He’s still labeled as a ‘non-factor’ in the squad, but there have been rumors of a possible return. He’s been dealing with a lot of mental anguish due to his injury at Besiktas and childhood trauma. According to Everton news outlet Goodison News, physiotherapist and sports scientist Dr. Rahpal Brar has predicted a return date of mid-October.

But even if he does return, Everton won’t be able to utilize him immediately. That’s because of his option clause. According to English outlet Football London, there is a clause that requires Everton to pay Tottenham £10 million if Alli plays 20 games. However, the outlet said that Everton are considering renegotiating with Tottenham over this as they cannot afford to pay this amount.

Sean Dyche echoed the same sentiment, saying: “Everything has to be sorted out at the right time in terms of his deal. He’s not ready yet,” he said, adding that he was cautious.

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