Pochettino’s grumpy + master soldier pushed Chelsea to 14th

It is true that Chelsea’s biggest problem currently is too many injuries, but Pochettino’s problem also plays a significant role.

Chelsea is currently ranked 14th in the league with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses, 5 goals scored and 5 conceded. Chelsea did not face a difficult opponent. Liverpool-West Ham-Luton Town-Nottingham-Bournemouth faced relatively easy opponents except Liverpool.

Pochettino said after the game against Bournemouth: “The fans will be disappointed with the current situation. But I’m not worried. “Because we know what we are doing,” he reassured fans.메이저사이트

Pochettino’s biggest problem is that he has no plan B. The reason fans are disappointed is because the tactics are clearly different from the preseason. In the preseason, he used 4 backs, overwhelming the opponent and scoring a lot of goals, but in the regular league, he used 3 backs, and currently scored 5 goals and conceded 5 goals in 5 games, showing neither offense nor defense.

If we look closely at the problem with the tactic, the first method is to raise Enzo after Chukwuemeka was injured. Enzo, who took Chukwuemeka’s position, is putting forward pressure as a player with playmaking skills, and leaves the build-up to Gallagher, who is lacking on the ball. Additionally, Marlowe Gusteau is a player whose offensive ability is weak, as Reece James is taking his place due to an injury. Against Gusto, Pochettino is only executing attacks on the right side. Also, on the left side, wingbacks and centerbacks Chilwell and Colwill were replaced with wingers and fullbacks, creating a strange tactic.

This tactic makes little use of the left wing attack and does not use the good playmaker resource of Enzo at all, so Sterling on the right wing has to lead the entire attack.

If you look closely at the right attack, all attack directions start from Gusteau and Sterling. Also, because the left attack is Chilwell and Colwill, unlike the other side, their attack power is at a level of zero. This shows very clearly that if only the right side is blocked by the opposing defense, the attack will be blocked.

Additionally, it is not possible to find the most optimal position for the players. Ben Chilwell is a wingback, not a winger. He’s really good offensively, so he’s got speed, clutch ability and shooting ability, but because he’s basically a wingback, he doesn’t have the on-the-ball ability of a winger. However, Pochettino is using Chilwell as a winger.

Next is Conor Gallagher. Gallagher’s best and most preferred position is not the third-line midfielder, but the 2.5-line midfielder, half a space ahead of him. In this position, he showed his best side by utilizing his unique activity level and box hitting ability. However, he is currently in the third line at Chelsea and is building up as a player with poor passing skills.

There is also a problem with Enzo Fernandez’s position. He is a player who has the advantage of leading the build-up and solving the game in the third line. However, Pochettino asks him to press forward and uses him more offensively, so his strengths are lost as he becomes isolated.

Lastly, Pochettino is not changing this tactic. If playmakers like Nkunku and Chukwuemeka are out due to injury, the tactics that worked well will have to be changed, but he is still sticking to the same tactics as above.

First, Gusteau, who has no offensive ability, should be lowered again and Mudric and Chilwell, who have excellent offensive ability, should be used as wingers and fullbacks on the left. In fact, in the match against Bournemouth, Mudric played as a winger and showed his best performance for Chelsea, raising expectations.

Also, Enzo’s position should be lowered and Gallagher’s position should be raised. Gallagher is a player with an advantage in his activity level, so he will act as an engine in the midfield. Naturally, Enzo and Caicedo, who have lost their dedicated markings, can distribute the ball upwards, so the attack will run more smoothly.

Ultimately, Chelsea’s current problem lies with the manager. There is also talk about Pochettino’s tactics and formation locally. Chelsea already has 12 injured players, and we know that Chelsea’s tactics need to be changed again, so Chelsea must return to their good pre-season form.

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