‘Sonke Duo Reunion?’ Why Kane’s return to Tottenham is difficult despite Levy’s ‘buyback clause’

Tottenham Hotspur Chairman Daniel Levy announced that a buy-back clause was inserted into Harry Kane’s contract.

Global sports media ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 20th (Korean time), “Chairman Levy confirmed the existence of a buyback clause for Kane.”

Tottenham held a fan forum on the 19th local time. Attending this event were Tottenham coach Anger Postekoglou and Tottenham captain Son Heung-min along with Chairman Levy. Robert Villaham, Tottenham women’s team coach, and Bethany England, a member of the England women’s national soccer team, also attended.온라인바카라

At a Tottenham fan forum, Levy revealed a shocking fact. He said that when he sent Kane to Bayern Munich, he included a buy-back clause, which is the right to re-sign the player. The existence of a buyback clause was revealed, but specific conditions were not mentioned.

Kane was Tottenham’s iconic striker. He grew up in Tottenham’s youth team and began being used as a starting striker in the 2014/15 season. Afterwards, Kane went beyond England and became a world-class striker. Kane was the top scorer in the EPL three times at Tottenham and became Tottenham’s all-time leading scorer with 280 goals. He also scored 213 goals in the EPL, ranking second in the most goals in the EPL after Alan Shearer (260 goals).

Last season, Tottenham finished 8th in the league and failed to advance to European competition for the first time in 13 years since the 2009/10 season. With Tottenham’s poor performance, Joopo Kane quickly emerged as a hot item in the summer transfer market. Kane’s contract with Tottenham had only one year left. Next summer, Tottenham would not be able to receive a transfer fee by sending Kane out as a free agent.

Manchester United, Real Madrid, etc. approached to recruit Kane, but gave up their intention due to Chairman Levy’s hard-line attitude, who demanded 100 million pounds (about 164.7 billion won) for Kane. Munich was different. Munich, who needed a front-line striker, made four offers to sign Kane. After intense negotiations with Tottenham, Munich acquired Kane for 120 million euros (approximately 170.4 billion won) including options.

If what Chairman Levy said is true, there is a slight possibility of Kane returning to Tottenham. If Kane returns to Tottenham, he will be able to see the ‘Sonke duo’ again. Son Heung-min and Kane were soulful attack partners who boasted fantastic chemistry. The two, who started playing together in the 2015/16 season, have scored a total of 47 goals together over 8 seasons. The two players currently hold the record for the most joint goals in the EPL.

But realistically, Kane’s return to Tottenham is not easy. Even if there was a buyback clause, Chairman Levy may have limited the timing of its activation. A representative example is when Tottenham brought in Sergio Reguilon from Real Madrid in the summer of 2020, they included a buyback clause of 40 million euros (about KRW 56.8 billion) that must be activated within two years.

Above all, the amount is likely to be greater than the transfer fee paid by Munich. Tottenham sold Kane and received 120 million euros, including options. The buyback amount in Kane’s contract is likely to be much higher than this. Tottenham’s highest transfer fee ever was the 62 million euros (about KRW 88.1 billion) paid for Tanguy Ndombele in the summer of 2019. It is unlikely that Tottenham will spend more than 100 million euros to bring in Kane.

Kane’s return to Tottenham could be discussed as his contract with Munich nears expiration. This summer, Kane signed a four-year contract with Munich. His contract period runs until June 2027. It remains to be seen whether Kane will choose to return to Tottenham during this period.

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