Juventus and legendary Bonucci “prepare for legal proceedings” that ended in ‘catastrophe’

The relationship between Juventus legend Leonardo Bonucci and the Juventus club is heading for the worst. It is news that Bonucci is preparing legal proceedings against the Juventus club.

Bonucci is a Juventus legend. Bonucci, who began his career with Inter Milan, later gained experience through a loan deal with Treviso and Pisa, and joined Juventus in 2010, exploding his potential in Genoa and Bari. Since then, he has played as a key defender for Juventus and reached his heyday.안전놀이터

He became a world-class center back and a defender representing Italy. Together with Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzali, he formed the Iron 300. Juventus, which had fallen into the abyss after the Calcio Poli incident, became an absolute powerhouse in Italy’s Serie A again in 2010, with Bonucci at the center. Bonucci led Juventus’ heyday by showing his best defense every season.

However, Bonucci suddenly moved to rival club AC Milan in 2017. There was friction with the club during the renewal process, and Juventus fans criticized Bonucci, who moved to a rival club. Then Bonucci returned to Juventus after a year and recovered his top skills.

The problem was from last season. Bonucci, who played more than 2,000 minutes until the 2021-22 season, played only 16 Serie A games last season, with 870 minutes. Due to aging and frequent injuries, his physical condition rarely rose. The new director Cristiano Jiwoon Tully is ready to make a new edition. I was going to send out the veterans and recruit players or young and promising resources in their heyday. Several players, including Juan Quadrado, have been organized.

Bonucci was also included. Bonucci was excluded from the squad and did not appear in the preseason. Bonucci, who was looking for a new team, built a new nest in Germany. He went to Union Berlin, which will play in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League (UCL).

In the process, Bonucci complained that Juventus did not give the player a training opportunity to provide, and it was reported that he was preparing for legal proceedings. The main reason for the complaint is that Juventus failed to treat Bonucci properly as a professional player. Bonucci reportedly trained separately without meeting Juventus staff and colleagues and failed to use the club’s facilities. This seemed to be the intention of the club to deliberately send out the player, and during that time, Bonucci was hit hard as a player.

“Bonucci will take legal action against Juventus,” said Fabricio Romano, a transfer market expert, on the 12th (Korea Standard Time). Bonucci said, “The player was not properly trained and his image and professional career were damaged.” Italy’s Di Marzio also reported, “Bonucci is preparing legal proceedings against Juventus.”

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