“Are you telling me to die at the scene?”Director Hong Won-ki’s determined remarks on the KBO reorganization schedule

“Are you saying that the field should die?”

Kiwoom Heroes coach Hong Won-ki did not hide his discomfort at the 2023 KBO reorganization schedule announced by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) on the 29th 스포츠토토.

Coach Hong Won-ki, who met with reporters prior to the away game against SSG Landers, which was scheduled to be held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 29th, said, “The schedule for the remaining games was unreasonable. I don’t understand,” he said, revealing his uncomfortable feeling.

Coach Hong said, “After three consecutive matches in Changwon the day before, we will play in Gocheok. However, from 2:00 pm the next day, it was a ‘double header’ (playing two games on the same day). And the next day again at 2:00 PM. It doesn’t make sense to set up a reserve day later and organize it this way.”

Kiwoom will play three consecutive away matches against NC in Changwon on September 5-7, and then play a home game against Hanwha in Gocheok on the 8th. The problem is: Kiwoom will play a double header against Hanwha on September 9th at 2pm. The next day, the 10th, is not a double header, but it is a weekend, so there is a game at 2pm.

Kiwoom will play a total of 7 games for 6 days from September 5th, with two double headers on the 9th, and a forced march to play again at 2pm the next day. Pointing out this part, Director Hong strongly said, “There are reserve days (September 11-14) behind, but I can only think of organizing it this way as a ‘fist-and-mouthed’ administration.”

Coach Hong said, “Of course, I know that it is difficult to schedule because many games (116 games) have been canceled. However, there is a regret that I would like to organize it in a little more detail.”

Due to the nature of Kiwoom’s home stadium, Gocheok Sky Dome, the possibility of cancellation in rainy weather is close to zero, but the reserve day was set, and the fact that the schedule for a forced march for the first six days despite having set up a reserve day for four days is the main point of complaint from manager Hong. .

Manager Hong said, “Right now, our bullpen is overloaded. Is a schedule like this supposed to kill the players and the field? Due to the nature of our home stadium, we are continuing a forced march without a cancellation in the rain, but if this is the case, there is no advantage to running without a cancellation in the rain. It is unreasonable and difficult to understand.”

An official from the KBO said, “The schedule was set like this because we tried to match the three consecutive games as much as possible, and the schedule was set with the intention of evenly distributing the double header. The double header in Gocheok is only on that date. And the reserve day at Gocheok Dome has been organized every year like that.”

Looking at the announced reorganization schedule, all clubs are forced to march. Still, from the standpoint of Kiwoom, I have been playing the most games (119 games) among the 10 clubs without rest, but I have no choice but to be dissatisfied with the schedule I faced. This is the reason why coach Hong strongly insisted that “it looks like a double header was forcibly inserted without careful consideration.” 

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