“He hit my foot!” Referee’s confession… ‘Shock loss’ leaves LG heartbroken, victorious NC stunned

LG and NC exchanged one point each in four innings, and among the starting pitchers, Adam Plutko of LG was the first to go down the mound. He complained of discomfort in his left adductor muscle (a muscle on the inside of his thigh),메이저놀이터 and was replaced for his protection. From the 5th episode, LG put in Pil Seung-jo. In the 6th inning, he succeeded in attacking NC starter Tanner and bullpen Kim Young-gyu, and scored 4 points. 5-1 lead. In fact, it seemed that LG was leaning more towards the game.

NC counterattacked with a ground home run following a storm run at the end of the 6th inning. After two outs, Kim Joo-won created a liner ball that flew toward the left fielder. LG left fielder Moon Seong-joo, who was trying to handle the batted ball after it bounced, attempted a sliding catch, but missed it. In a situation with a 4-point lead on his back, he regrets what it would have been like if he had caught it more reliably and stably. In the end, Kim Joo-won made a ground home run by going around third base and sweeping home. It was the third KBO league hit this season and the 93rd ground home run in KBO league history. In addition, it was Kim Joo-won, who ranked 4th in the youngest ground home run ever. It became 5-2, and in the 8th inning Do Tae-hoon hit a solo shot to make it 5-3, but LG still had the advantage.

and the bottom of the 9th inning. NC’s last attack. Still scored 2 points. The LG pitcher is Woo-seok “Closer” Go. It was obviously difficult for NC to turn over. Go Woo-seok treated lead hitter Kim Hyung-joon with a fly ball to right field and then grounded Son Ah-seop to third base. 2 out. Now, there is only one out count left to win. Park Min-woo hit a hit in the middle of the right and carried on a thread of hope. However, Go Woo-seok induced the follow-up Park Gun-woo to ground to second base, and Shin Min-jae tossed Oh Ji-hwan to 3 outs, and the game seemed to end as it was. There were also NC fans packing their bags.

At this time, however, second base umpire Yoon Sang-won gestured that the game was not over by sending a signal with both hands facing up. On the relay screen, referee Yoon was caught shouting loudly, saying, “My foot was hit.” Looking at the slow screen, the direction of the batted ball was slightly refracted as the shoe that referee Yoon was wearing was slightly brushed. Shin Min-jae caught it by changing the direction of his glove momentarily and quickly, and tossed it to second base, but the game did not end. After holding the microphone, the umpires said on the spot, “As the ball hit the umpire’s leg, the runners advance one base by upstruction.” For LG fans, it was the moment when an ordinary ground ball that should have ended the game turned into an unfortunate hit.
(c) Ball Dead in KBO Baseball Rule 5.06 Running Base: ‘The ball is dead and the runner advances one base or returns to the original base if: In the meantime, runners are not out’, and paragraph (6) of this stipulates, ‘If a fair ball that does not touch an infielder (including pitcher) is hit by a runner or an umpire in fair territory, or passes an infielder (excluding pitcher). If an unplayed fair ball is hit by an umpire—each runner who must clear the base by becoming a runner advances.’ Then, in the [booking], it is written, ‘If the ball passes through the pitcher and is hit by the umpire standing in the infield, the ball becomes dead’.

After that, the strange flow continued. The next hitter, Martin’s batted ball, bounced in front of Oh Ji-hwan, leading to a timely hit. In the meantime, Park Min-woo stepped on the home and made it 5-4, one point. Kwon Hee-dong stepped into the bat in NC’s 2nd, 1st and 3rd base opportunities that continued. Kwon Hee-dong hit a 156km fastball in the middle of the 6th pitch after a full count game with Go Woo-seok, and hit a reversal three-run four (season 5 home run, distance 120m) that went over the left fence. Witnessing the shocking defeat, LG fans couldn’t hide their disappointment. Of course, referee Yoon didn’t intentionally hit the ball with his leg out. The case where the referee is hit by a batted ball is a scene that often appears in the game. Nevertheless, the victorious NC fans were also happy, but at the same time expressed a sense of uneasiness. With this victory, NC took advantage of 7 wins and 6 losses against LG this season. So far, NC is the only team that is ahead of LG in terms of opponents this season.

After the game, coach Kang In-kwon said, “Today, the entire team and all the fans who came to the baseball field to support us were able to win because of their desire to win without giving up until the end. Congratulations on Kwon Hee-dong’s come-from-behind home run. I will prepare well so that I can continue my winning streak in Edo,” he said.

In a situation where the game could have ended in victory, LG fans who could not do so had no choice but to collapse. On the other hand, the victorious NC fans also left an unpleasant aftertaste.

NC Dinos won the LG Twins 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game at Changwon NC Park on the 26th with Kwon Hee-dong’s dramatic three-run four after two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning to win a 7-5 come-from-behind victory.

With this victory, NC, which had a 14-1 victory on the 25th, continued its upward trend and recorded 54 wins, 49 losses and 2 draws. NC maintained 4th place by beating 5th place Doosan by one and a half games. 3rd place SSG Landers and rides 3 games. On the other hand, LG lost 2 in a row and recorded 65 wins, 40 losses and 2 draws. League standings are still #1. However, they were chased by 2nd place KT, who won on the same day, by 5.5 games.

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