You said you would stay in Korea…Director Klinsmann Says ‘Why You Don’t Have to’

Jurgen Klinsmann, coach of the Korean men’s national soccer team, expressed his thoughts on the ‘remote work’ controversy.

The Korea Football Association 소닉카지노 (KFA) held a video media conference on the 17th and 18th. Manager Klinsman held an unusual online press conference to answer various issues prior to the call for an A match in September.

Recently, Klinsman’s remote work has been controversial. Coach Klinsmann was criticized for working from home in the United States while coaching the German national team. When he came to Korea in March, when he was interested in whether he would reside in Korea, he calmed down his concerns, saying, “I will spend most of my time in Korea,” but it is not actually being followed. Due to his vacation and frequent foreign schedules, he spends much less time in Korea. He is currently working remotely from his home in the United States, so his press conference was also conducted in a non-face-to-face manner.

Regarding this, coach Klinsman said, “I went to Dublin, Ireland for about a week on a personal schedule. I couldn’t cancel the schedule because it was scheduled before I signed a contract as the coach of the Korean national team. , There I had the opportunity to meet Brentford Kim Ji-soo, so we had a conversation. After that, I came back to the United States.”

This is an explanation that is difficult to understand as the reason for not being able to stay in Korea all the time. Even if it was unavoidable to attend an event that could not be canceled, it is common sense for people residing in Korea to return to Korea rather than the United States after completing their personal schedule. Head coach Klinsman went to the United States after the European schedule, and is expected to join the national team for the European expedition.

Director Klinsmann also added that his place of work is not important, commenting on the changing times. “I think the way to communicate and observe the players is different from before, regardless of where they are physically. There is a way to go directly to the stadium, but even if you do not go, you can constantly communicate with the coaching staff in each country to check on the players’ condition. in the middle,” he said.

He once told a similar story at a press conference for his appointment. However, at the time, it was an answer to the coaching staff’s residing in Europe. It was argued that in a situation where remote meetings are technically possible, there is no need to always gather in one place. It was not that there was no awareness of the problem at that time, but it was accepted on the premise that director Klinsman would reside in Korea.

Now the premise is shaky. There is a concern that coaches as well as coaches will stay in Korea only for home games. Coach Klinsman, who expressed regret, saying, “There is an exaggeration to conclude that I do not live in Korea,” said coach Klinsman, who said, “In the second half of the year, since matches are held in Korea, there will naturally be more time to work in Korea.”

During coach Klinsman’s overseas schedule, there are many business trips to check Europeans. Last April, he looked back at Europeans such as Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, and recently confirmed Son Heung-min and Kim Ji-soo. He plans to meet European players even before the A match in September. This is something coach Klinsman often mentions as a manager of the Korean national team.

There are also doubts about the meaning of frequent European inspections. Although the proportion of European players in the national team is higher than ever, most European players are already the main members of the national team. There are not many things that can be newly observed locally. Conversation with the players and contact with the club they belong to are sufficiently possible through ‘remote work’ as technology has developed these days. And above all, there is a coaching staff based in Europe. One of the reasons the coaches are local is to watch European players play and manage them up close.

The stage that the coach needs to pay more attention to can be the K-League. Still, about half of the national team members are K-leagues. In addition, new faces are mainly selected from the K-League. In order to manage the player pool, more careful observation is needed in many ways, but coach Klinsman has rarely visited the K-League site recently. When he briefly returned to Korea at the end of July, he was in the K-League 1 break period, so he watched a team K-League game in the form of an All-Star game.

Coach Klinsman denied the criticism that he was neglecting the K-League at a meeting. “I watched as many K-League games as possible, and coaches Cha Doo-ri and Michael Kim. I also watched (Paolo) Stringara and (Andreas) Köpke. (Based on the interview) This week (Andreas) Hairchoke The head coach will be watching the K-League,” he replied.

In other words, the director’s remote work only makes things more cumbersome. While coach Klinsman continues to be away due to overseas schedules, the European coaches who will be in charge of the European faction are alternately visiting Korea and visiting the K-League site.

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