“GG-grade defense…answers wherever you put him” Coach’s confidence in Kim Ha-sung

You can trust and entrust him to any position, from second base to shortstop to third base. It is one of Kim Ha-sung’s greatest strengths.

San Diego Padres coach 토토사이트 Bob Melvin highly praised Kim Ha-sung’s flexible position in an interview with local media outlets, including ‘93.7 The Fan’ ahead of a home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 19th (Korean time).

“He is an excellent defender,” Melvin said, “he has a great instinct, and he shows great hand movements and quick defense,” and highly praised Kim Ha-sung’s defensive ability.

Ha-seong Kim is put in as third baseman, replacing Manny Machado, who has a bad elbow.

Third base defense seen after a long time since the home game against the LA Dodgers on the 8th. Nevertheless, Ha-seong Kim showed a good figure in the game the previous day, such as calmly handling the assault ball.

“The defense of third base is a backup, but there is a different element than any other position in this situation,” Melvin said. He praised Ha-sung Kim’s defense ability, saying, “Even in a situation where he has been playing third base defense for a long time, he is doing it with excellent instinct.”

“I think Ha-seong Kim is one of the best defenders in the current league. He’s showing Gold Glove-level defense. He is responding to this no matter where he is placed,” he said, rating Kim Ha-seong’s defense as a Gold Glove grade.

Meanwhile, the Padres moved Sunday’s game forward to play a doubleheader a day later in the aftermath of Hurricane Hillary, which is expected to pierce the San Diego area over the weekend.

Regarding the doubleheader starting operation plan, Melvin predicted, “Darvish will take the mound in one of the two games, and someone will come up and throw the other game.” He announced that he would use the 27th available player in the doubleheader as the starting pitcher for the remaining game.

Machado, who started as the designated hitter for two consecutive games, also expected to be able to play third base in one of the two doubleheaders.

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