The pain of being runners-up in the last tournament was a driving force behind my desire to win”…Most Valuable PlayerLee Dong-kwan TreasureSeomnamhae U15 midfielder

“The desire to overcome the memory of finishing runner-up in the last competition by winning the championship was a great source of strength.”

Treasure Island Namhae 스포츠토토U15 team midfielder Lee Dong-gwan (15), who won the best player award at the 60th Cheongryonggi National Middle School Soccer Tournament, was enjoying the joy of lifting the championship cup.

Lee Dong-gwan said, “After losing to Goseong FC in the final last year, I was in great pain.” Lee Dong-gwan reflected, “The game didn’t go well at the beginning of the tournament, but the driving force behind the victory was that the team members praised and encouraged each other and played the game as ‘one team’.”

Lee Dong-gwan is the central midfielder of the team and is in charge of coordinating the offense and defense. Lee Dong-gwan is holding Bae Jun-ho (Daejeon Hana Citizen), who played a big role in the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Argentina, as a role model. Lee Dong-gwan said, “My biggest strength is my strong kick using my ankle,” and revealed his aspirations, saying, “I want to grow into a player who coordinates and leads the team like seniors Bae Jun-ho and Ki Sung-yong.”

Lee Dong-gwan is eager to win the upcoming elementary, middle, and high school weekend league, King of Kings. Lee Dong-gwan clenched his fists, saying, “I want to win again with the Treasure Island Namhae teammates I am playing with now in the weekend league game of King Wangjung, which will be the last tournament in middle school.”

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