Daegu FC aims for three points against Seoul with foreign strikers

Daegu FC goes on a hunt for points in the Seoul expedition. Since he is thirsty for scoring, he has to pay more attention to offense.

Daegu will play the 27th 토토사이트 round of the K League 1 2023 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 19th. Their opponent, FC Seoul, is a strong player competing for the top ranks. Although Daegu has not been able to score goals lately, Seoul’s defensive wall is not strong, so there is a chance of winning.

Daegu lost 3 points in the away game against Incheon United in the last round and fell to 9th place in the league. In order to settle in the 6th place, which is the final line to enter Final A, the atmosphere must change in this round. The fact that Seoul’s momentum has not been so good lately is an opportunity.

Daegu is worried about its sluggish offensive power. They have scored only 2 points in the last 5 games. It is only natural that a goal cannot be scored because no goals are scored. No win in 5 matches. Cezinya (7 goals) and Edgar (5 goals), who are recording the most goals in the team, are silent.

Cesinha had scored in the previous match, but it was a penalty kick goal, not a field goal. Edgar, who has strong air supremacy, has not been active recently. Basellus, who seemed to gain trust by actively participating in counterattacks, showed a disappointing look in terms of scoring.

Consolation distance is newly acquired Brazilian midfielder Beltola. He made his first appearance as a substitute in the last game against Incheon. He wasn’t in perfect form yet, but he showed flashes of movement in midfield. He is expected to be able to bring creativity to the offense.

Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon is also worried as the battle for the middle rank is fiercer than ever. Coach Choi said, “It is true that it is a difficult time. However, through team meetings and training, we have finished preparations for the next game,” and “I believe that we can change this moment together.”

Seoul has conceded 8 runs in the last 4 matches, and has no wins. It means that the defense was loose. Daegu, which is strong against counterattacks, needs to dig in. However, Daegu should not lower its guard against Seoul strikers with excellent personal skills such as Na Sang-ho and Willian.

This season, Daegu met Seoul twice and exchanged one win each. Attention is focusing on whether Daegu will be able to secure victory points in the Seoul expedition and return home in a good mood.

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