Enrique’s shocking killer list, Neymar-Verati…PSG Declaration to Improve Constitution, How Does It Affect Lee Kang-in?

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) coach Luis Enrique wants to make the team a younger and more vibrant team.

According to a 스포츠토토 on the 9th, coach Enrique excluded Neymar, Marco Verratti, Juan Bernat, Renato Sanchez and Hugo Equiteke from his plans. In fact, Neymar and Verratti are not known to attend the media day where they shoot official photos for the new season.

This is rather shocking news. Neymar and Verratti are the faces and signs of the team. Neymar is still a world-class superstar despite a hiatus following an early exit from last season with an ankle injury. He is a competitive enough player in French Ligue 1. In addition, coach Enrique has been with Neymar for three years at Barcelona. The prospect was that they would use Neymar more actively because they knew each other well, but now the situation has changed.

Maybe that’s why, recently, reports that Neymar will leave PSG have flowed out from major European media. Neymar wants to return to Barcelona, ​​but there is also a prospect that Barcelona cannot afford it due to transfer fees and annual salaries. Then, Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, with its rich financial power, jumped into the race to sign Neymar. Neymar still wants to stay in Barcelona or Europe, but it doesn’t seem realistic to move within Europe because of the high transfer fee and salary for his age.

Since Verratti is also a legendary player in the team who has been active in PSG since 2012, the news that he has been on the killing team of coach Enrique is obviously unexpected. Enrique’s decision was difficult to predict as he is still a player with outstanding skills and significant meaning in a symbolic aspect.

Bernat is also a resource in his 30s, and Sanchez did not stand out last season. In the case of Ekiteche, it is true that although they got a lot of playing time in pre-season friendly matches, they failed to leave an impression. I couldn’t take a picture of the eyes of director Enrique, so I put my name on the killing department.

Coach Enrique is known to draw a picture to make PSG a more energetic team. Lee Kang-in, Marco Asensio, Gonzalo Hamus, Manuel Ugarte, Sher Ndour, and Milan Skriniar, who were recruited through the summer transfer market, are expected to be heavily used as PSG’s new main players.

It is regrettable that Neymar, who became his best friend during the preseason, is leaving the team, but it can be good news for Lee Kang-in. This is because the competition for the starting position is likely to become much easier. If Neymar is away and there is no Kilian Mbappe, who is on the move, Lee Kang-in’s playing time can be increased.

Director Enrique already said about Lee Kang-in, “I know Lee Kang-in well because he lives in Spain. In his last season he improved a lot in Mallorca. He is a complete player. He is technically good and physically good. He is a player who is a pleasure to watch. He is a player who plays well both in the center and on the flanks. He expressed his anticipation, saying, “I am satisfied with Lee Kang-in.” Director Enrique’s declaration of constitutional improvement can act as an opportunity for Lee Kang-in.

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