0-8. No game was good, but… the most remaining games. to the AG’s to the AG. Measures for the semifinals for two consecutive years.

메이저놀이터 The KIA Tigers escaped from the 1-loss crisis with a lucky no game against the LG Twins in Gwangju on the 8th. However, the fact that the game was pushed back is not very good news for KIA.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said the difficulty with the most canceled matches in rain. KIA did not play 16 games this season until the No Game on the 8th. As of the 8th, he played the fewest games with 89 games. The team with the most matches was the Kiwoom Heroes, whose home is the Gocheok Sky Dome, with 102 matches. There is a difference of 13 games.

The 16 games that KIA failed to play will be played as remaining games from September 12, along with the 10 games postponed when planning the season schedule.

Coach Kim said, “Looking at the postponed game, I think we’ll have to play the rest of the game every day.” .

Because they play many games, they have the disadvantage of being physically more difficult than other teams, and Asian Games members such as starter Lee Eui-ri, bullpen Choi Ji-min, and top hitter Choi Won-joon are essential members for KIA, so their departure inevitably weakens their power. .

Currently, the KBO’s plan is to call the national team on September 20th. The Asian Games will be held from October 1st, and the finals will be held on October 7th. He will return home on October 8, and from October 10, the national team players will be able to participate in the remaining games. According to the current schedule, KIA has to play about 20 games without three national team members.

The current ranking battle is important, but the Asian Games period, which must be played without three representative players, is an important time to determine the final ranking, so it is necessary to come up with a plan to fill their vacancy.

Regarding the starting pitcher to replace Eui-ri Lee, coach Kim said, “We are preparing for selection in the Futures League. Currently, Hwang Dong-hana Kim Jae-yeol and Kim Kon-guk are candidates for selection.” there is,” he said.

As a substitute for Choi Ji-min, he picked the same left-handed pitcher. Coach Kim said, “There are three left-handed pitchers in the first team.

Other teams also lose key players during the Asian Games, but KIA is at a disadvantage because there are many games to play. You have to overcome that hurdle to see KIA’s top five.

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