“I can’t even kick the ball properly”…Munich’s Best GK Ever, Will ‘Ski’ Twist Late Years

In 2023, it is expected that Manuel Neuer (37, Munich) will not be seen in action. His condition is not serious.

Germany’s ‘Bild’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Manuel Neuer can no longer kick the ball properly.”

Manuel Neuer, regarded 먹튀검증 as a legendary goalkeeper, emerged as one of the best goalkeepers in the world after moving to Bayern Munich from Schalke 04 in 2011. Despite being a goalkeeper and with amazing saving ability based on amazing reflexes that show off his animalistic senses, he has established himself as a complete goalkeeper with a wide range of action, accurate kicks and long passes, build-up, and individual skills.

Neuer has maintained his position as Germany’s best goalkeeper by digesting 117 games in the German national team, which is full of strong competitors, and 488 games in Munich alone from the 2011-2012 season.

But there’s a problem. Neuer suffered a broken shinbone while skiing while on vacation after being eliminated from the World Cup last year. He underwent surgery right away, but the result was a season out. In the end, Munich also urgently recruited Moenchengladbach’s goalkeeper Jan Sommer.

Neuer’s injury recovery period is expected to be long. According to Bilt’s report, Neuer is currently in a situation where he can’t even kick the ball properly. 

The media said, “Munich has internally judged that Neuer will not be able to return in the near future. Currently, Neuer cannot kick the ball properly.” It caused a lot of trouble, especially when he had to control the ball with his feet under pressure.”

Bild said: “Neuer did goalkeeper training on the field a few weeks ago, but he struggled, especially with his left foot. Besides his ability to save, Neuer shows great strength in ball-playing situations. If he shows problems in these situations, it will affect his performance. It will have a huge impact,” he added.

On the 8th, Germany’s ‘Sport 1’ also said, “Neuer couldn’t digest intense goalkeeper training. Because of this situation, Neuer asked reporters not to take pictures of himself, and for the past few weeks, he only trained indoors with weights. did,” he said.

Following Sport 1, “Neuer aimed to return before the start of the new season, but it is far from the original plan. Currently, he is not able to properly digest team training.” It is said that it will not be until 2024 that it will be able to return.”

At the same time, the media announced, “This situation with Neuer is the reason why Munich has been focusing on recruiting a new goalkeeper in recent weeks. The goalkeeper recruited this time will not be a temporary reinforcement, but a long-term reinforcement.”

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