Team Chaboom German Expedition loses to ‘Descendants of Chaboom’ Frankfurt

‘Team Cha Boom Germany Expedition’, a group of promising Korean soccer players, suffered an 바카라 unfortunate defeat in a friendly match against Frankfurt, a prestigious German professional soccer team, where former national soccer team coach Cha Beom-geun, a Korean soccer legend, played during his active career.

Cha Bum, a team formed by this year’s Cha Bum-geun Football Award winners, lost 0-1 in a friendly match against Einracht Frankfurt’s under-14 (U-14) youth team on the 28th (Korean time). Goalkeeper Song Jeong-Jun (Daejeon) overcame the crisis and finished the first half in a scoreless draw, but could not make up for the goal conceded in the early part of the second half.

At the start of the second half, Team Cha Boom, who replaced 5 players, conceded a goal in a messy flow in the beginning. In the 15th minute of the second half, he tried to change the atmosphere again by substituting, but the game ended without an equalizer.

Team Cha Bum, who finished the second evaluation game with regret, had a hard time in a training session with Lee Jae-seong (Mainz), the second-line striker of the national soccer team, on the 29th. Throughout the training, Lee Jae-seong gave various advice and encouragement to the members of Team Cha Boom, wishing for his skill development.

The Team Cha Bum Germany Expedition, which visits Germany, a soccer powerhouse, and conducts a friendly game and training at the same time, concludes its tour of Germany with a friendly match against the Leverkusen U-14 team on the 30th.

The 2023 Team Cha Boom German Expedition was sponsored by Nexon, AIA Life Insurance, Adidas Korea, Coca-Cola, LR, Two Top Orthopedic Surgery, Kumho Tire, and Asiana Airlines.

The “belly man” is back! A three-hit, three RBI comeback…and new life in the season-ending standings battle.

Guillermo Heredia (SSG Landers) 스포츠토토 played as the designated hitter 4 times in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Kiwoom Heroes held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 30th, and made a big success with 3 hits, 3 RBIs and 2 points in 4 at bats.

The match that day was the comeback match for Heredia. Heredia was injured in the match against Suwon KT Wiz on the 3rd. Due to an iliopsoas muscle injury, he was canceled from the first team entry on the 4th. On the 29th, he was called up to the first team ahead of his first game of three consecutive matches against Kiwoom, but his return game was delayed by a day due to rain cancellation.

Heredia had 5 at-bats in 2 games in the Futures League before his return. The result was 2 hits in 5 at-bats, 1 strikeout and 1 run. Afterwards, he was called up to the first team and showed a tremendous sense of hitting.

In the bottom of the first inning, trailing 0-1, Heredia came out on his first at-bat with runners on 1st and 3rd base, and hit Ian McKinney with a timely hit after a game that went up to 7 pitches. Heredia’s batted ball landed in the outfield slightly over shortstop Kim Hui-jip’s height. Afterwards, Ha Jae-hoon’s 1 RBI and timely hit came out, and SSG succeeded in reversing.

Heredia came out as the lead batter at the end of the 3rd inning with a 3-2 lead and made a hit that escaped through the 3rd. Then, Park Seong-han hit 1st and 2nd base safely, and Ha Jae-hoon hit a 3-run home run. In the bottom of the 4th inning, Heredia again had a chance to score. Choi Ji-hoon hit a triple and Choi Jeong-a walked on base, and they became 1st, 1st and 3rd base. From the first pitch, Heredia boldly turned the bat and sent the ball into the outfield. With an RBI on a sacrifice fly, SSG ran away to 7-2.

At the end of the 5th inning, after 2 outs, the concentration of the SSG batters shone. Choo Shin-soo, Choi Ji-hoon, and Choi Jeong’s consecutive hits broke out. In the 2nd 1st and 3rd bases, Heredia made a ball that went to the left field and scored a double at the right time with 1 RBI. Afterwards, Park Seong-han and Ha Jae-hoon scored 6 hits in a row, widening the score to 11-2.

After that, SSG was chased by Kiwoom with 5 runs in the beginning of the 6th inning, but kept the lead until the end. In the last at-bat in the bottom of the 7th inning, Heredia retired with a fly ball to right field.

SSG is currently in 3rd place with 60 wins, 1 draw and 47 losses. The difference between the 2nd place KT is 1 game. With 36 games left, Heredia’s return is good news. From the first day he came back, he wielded a strong blow and breathed new life into SSG’s lineup. Attention is focusing on whether Heredia’s performance can be of great help in the ranking fight at the end of the season.

Yankees release third baseman Josh Donaldson

The New York Yankees have parted ways with former MVP third baseman Josh Donaldson (38)바카라.

The Yankees officially announced on the 30th (Korean time) that they would release Donaldson.

Donaldson, who has a brilliant career as the 2015 American League MVP, three-time All-Star, and two-time Silver Slugger, showed a shabby appearance for the Yankees this season.

Due to hamstring and calf injuries, he only played 33 games, and in the games he played, he only recorded a batting average of 0.142, an on-base percentage of 0.225, and a slugging percentage of 0.434.

He hit 10 homers, showing that his slugging power was alive, but the rest fell short of expectations.

He is currently on the 60-day injured list and will not be able to return until September 16th.

Any team that wants to use him in the postseason must complete the acquisition before August is over. Recruitment is possible with minimum salary.

Donaldson played 1366 games in 13 seasons in the major leagues, recording a batting average of 0.262, an on-base percentage of 0.359, and a slugging percentage of 0.491.

This year was the final year of a four-year, $92 million contract with the Minnesota Twins. Team options remain for the 2024 season.

The Yankees traded Gary Sanchez and Gio Ursella to Minnesota in March 2022, along with Isaac Cainer-Faleppa and Ben Rotbet.

“Are you telling me to die at the scene?”Director Hong Won-ki’s determined remarks on the KBO reorganization schedule

“Are you saying that the field should die?”

Kiwoom Heroes coach Hong Won-ki did not hide his discomfort at the 2023 KBO reorganization schedule announced by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) on the 29th 스포츠토토.

Coach Hong Won-ki, who met with reporters prior to the away game against SSG Landers, which was scheduled to be held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 29th, said, “The schedule for the remaining games was unreasonable. I don’t understand,” he said, revealing his uncomfortable feeling.

Coach Hong said, “After three consecutive matches in Changwon the day before, we will play in Gocheok. However, from 2:00 pm the next day, it was a ‘double header’ (playing two games on the same day). And the next day again at 2:00 PM. It doesn’t make sense to set up a reserve day later and organize it this way.”

Kiwoom will play three consecutive away matches against NC in Changwon on September 5-7, and then play a home game against Hanwha in Gocheok on the 8th. The problem is: Kiwoom will play a double header against Hanwha on September 9th at 2pm. The next day, the 10th, is not a double header, but it is a weekend, so there is a game at 2pm.

Kiwoom will play a total of 7 games for 6 days from September 5th, with two double headers on the 9th, and a forced march to play again at 2pm the next day. Pointing out this part, Director Hong strongly said, “There are reserve days (September 11-14) behind, but I can only think of organizing it this way as a ‘fist-and-mouthed’ administration.”

Coach Hong said, “Of course, I know that it is difficult to schedule because many games (116 games) have been canceled. However, there is a regret that I would like to organize it in a little more detail.”

Due to the nature of Kiwoom’s home stadium, Gocheok Sky Dome, the possibility of cancellation in rainy weather is close to zero, but the reserve day was set, and the fact that the schedule for a forced march for the first six days despite having set up a reserve day for four days is the main point of complaint from manager Hong. .

Manager Hong said, “Right now, our bullpen is overloaded. Is a schedule like this supposed to kill the players and the field? Due to the nature of our home stadium, we are continuing a forced march without a cancellation in the rain, but if this is the case, there is no advantage to running without a cancellation in the rain. It is unreasonable and difficult to understand.”

An official from the KBO said, “The schedule was set like this because we tried to match the three consecutive games as much as possible, and the schedule was set with the intention of evenly distributing the double header. The double header in Gocheok is only on that date. And the reserve day at Gocheok Dome has been organized every year like that.”

Looking at the announced reorganization schedule, all clubs are forced to march. Still, from the standpoint of Kiwoom, I have been playing the most games (119 games) among the 10 clubs without rest, but I have no choice but to be dissatisfied with the schedule I faced. This is the reason why coach Hong strongly insisted that “it looks like a double header was forcibly inserted without careful consideration.” 

“4 Billion” Bauer, 1 win difference from 1st place in multiple wins + 2nd place in strikeouts…Next year’s ransom is 6.6 billion won, the highest ever in Japan

Trevor Bauer (Yokohama DeNA)소닉카지노, who has entered the Japanese professional baseball and is showing off his dignity as a Cy Young Award pitcher, is already interested in the next year’s move and ransom.

Bauer, who won the 2020 Major League National League Cy Young Award, obtained free agency status after the season and succeeded in signing a 3-year, $102 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

However, his fate changed during the 2021 season when he was caught up in sexual assault allegations. He was placed on administrative leave by the MLB and was unable to play for a year and a half until the 2022 season. The investigation was conducted for nearly a year and a half, and the prosecution avoided prosecution by not prosecuting. In December of last year, the Major League Secretariat reduced the suspension of play. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers released Bauer with a one-year contract left in January.

Bauer, who was unable to find a new team in the major leagues, signed a contract with Yokohama for 3 million dollars (approximately 4 billion won) for one year in March and started a new start in Nippon Professional Baseball. Bauer, who built up his body step by step in the second team due to his late contract, made his Nippon Professional Baseball debut in early May.

Bauer, who recorded victory with 7 hits (1 home run), 9 strikeouts and 1 run in 7 innings in his debut game in Japan in early May, was beaten with 7 runs in 2 consecutive games. There was an opinion that he was analyzed by Japan’s microscope baseball, so he went down to the 2nd team and adjusted the quick motion etc. and returned.

After recovering from the 1st team, he is repeating stable pitching. Except for two games he was battered, he made 15 quality starts in 16 games. In the match against Hiroshima on August 3, he threw 123 pitches until the 10th inning and played a scoreless counterattack. On the 25th, against Chunichi, he threw 126 pitches and achieved his 10th win of the season with 2 runs in 8 innings. 

Bauer started the season a month late, but is 10-4 with a 2.75 ERA in 18 appearances. He is tied for second place, one win behind the league leader in most wins (11 wins). He is second in the category with 128 strikeouts. There is a difference between 1st and 9th. Quality starts are tied for first place in the league (15 times), and innings (130 innings) are fourth. 

Most Japanese pitchers pitch once a week with a 5-6 day break, but Bauer is making up for a month gap in wins and innings by volunteering to take a 4-day break as in the major leagues.

Daily Sports, a Japanese media outlet, said, “It is known that Yokohama and Bauer signed a contract for 3 million dollars for a year. As a Major League Cy Young Award winner, it is an exceptionally low price for an active major leaguer, but there is a reason. “Bauer signed a three-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2021 for a total of $102 million. receive a salary of Because of the huge amount of income, Yokohama was able to recruit Bauer for $3 million.”

The media said, “Bauer is competing for the title with the most wins, and he is showing his original skills. Although there has been a gap in the last two years, as he has proven his ability as a starting pitcher, there may be teams that will recruit him in the major leagues next year. However, due to sexual violence issues, There are many major league clubs that reject it, so there is a possibility of playing in Japan next year.” 

Meanwhile, the highest annual salary in Japanese professional baseball is 900 million yen (approximately 8.2 billion won) of Rakuten Tanaka Masahiro. The highest annual salary for a foreign player is Roberto Petagini’s 720 million yen (approximately 6.6 billion won).

The Daily Sports said, “You won’t be able to sign a contract with an annual salary of $ 3 million like this season. It is inevitable that it will become a money game.”

“88 wins and I’ll be No. 1” Yoon Kyung-yup’s championship plan hits first bump with unexpected 3-game losing streak

Remaining 36 games, 23 goals win. This is the number left until LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s ’88 win plan’. The plan seemed smooth, but now things are a little different 메이저놀이터.

The LG Twins faced a hurdle ahead of the last three games in August. At one time, an overwhelming lead was expected, pushing the second place by 8.0 games, but it was caught in just three days with a sweeping defeat in three consecutive matches. The gap with second place kt wiz decreased from 7.5 games to 4.5 games. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said that he would focus on whether LG could build the number of wins he was aiming for rather than the result of a match against a specific team, but the unexpected 3-game losing streak made this plan even more difficult.

Head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said ahead of the game against Lotte in Jamsil on the 24th, “We need to reduce the number of games we are disappointed in. If we win 88, we think there is a high probability of winning first place. The remaining 6 games with kt are also important, but the most important thing is whether we can achieve our goal. That way, we can feel the pressure. It will be reduced. We have to go together as one of the remaining 40 games. A 50% win rate plus 4 wins (24 wins) is 88 wins. We can do it.”

At this point, the goal for the remaining season is 24 wins and 16 losses in 40 games (0.600 win rate). On the 24th, against Lotte, they won 3-1.

LG had a win rate of 0.631 with 65 wins, 2 draws and 38 losses by the 24th. At the time, it was 7.5 games away from the second place kt Wiz (59 wins, 2 draws, 47 losses, win rate 0.557). Although kt’s momentum is scary, it is impossible to ignore the gap that has already occurred. According to the baseball myth, ‘It takes a month to catch up with the 3rd game’, LG’s first place in the regular season seemed certain.

The NC Dinos and Changwon three-game series created the current situation (?). In the game on the 25th, LG lost 1-14 to NC with Eric Peddy in the lead. Starter Choi Won-tae allowed 11 runs (9 earned runs) with 15 hits in 4 innings. 11 runs without a home run. Jung Woo-young, Park Myeong-geun, Kim Jin-seong, and Choi Dong-hwan blocked the remaining four innings.

In the game on the 26th, Ko Woo-seok, who finished the match, was shaken after being on base after being hit by the referee, and lost 5-7. Since it was a game that was ahead until the start of the ninth inning, Yoo Young-chan, Baek Seung-hyun, Ham Deok-joo, Kim Jin-seong, and Pil Seung-jo all appeared, but in the end, only the bullpen was consumed without gaining anything. On the 27th, the bullpen had to block 9 innings as starter Lim Chan-gyu was ejected for a ‘headshot’ in the 1st inning. In the process, Baek Seung-hyun and Yoo Young-chan had a two-day fight, and Kim Jin-seong had a three-day fight.

In the meantime, kt swept three consecutive away matches against the Lotte Giants and gained momentum. In the second half, with an amazing record of 25 wins, 6 losses, and an odds rate of 0.806, SSG Landers was brought down to third place, and now even LG has become a threat.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop laughed before the game on the 18th, saying, “Now kt is more stable than us” and “I thought it would not be in the lower ranks, but it is coming up so well.” Still, he had a face that said he could afford it. Of course, the difference is still not small. Still, it can be nerve-wracking that the gap quickly narrowed while kt’s momentum continued.

LG needs 23 wins to achieve 88 wins in the remaining 36 games. Converted to win rate, it is 0.639, which is higher than the current win rate of 0.613. It is a figure that can be achieved only by exerting more effort than the one that has been run so far. Of course, you don’t have to win 88 games to rank first in the regular season. Even if LG only wins 85, kt has to win 24-9 in the remaining 33 games to change the ranking.

If 88 wins are achieved as planned without a draw, LG can finish the regular season with 88 wins, 2 draws and 54 losses with an odds ratio of 0.620. After the KBO League became a 10-team system, the only case in which a team that won 88 wins failed to rank first in the regular season was SK Wyverns (SSG) in 2019. The win rate was exactly the same as 1st place Doosan with 88 wins, 1 draw and 55 losses, but it was pushed out of the opponent’s record and suddenly became 2nd place. SK couldn’t even climb the Korean series, probably because of the sense of loss at this time. This is a page from director Yeom Kyung-yeop’s ‘Dark History’.

Coincidentally, LG and kt will play a fateful three-game series in Suwon a week later. Until then, depending on the results of the 6 matches, the atmosphere of the 3 consecutive matches may change. So far, the two teams have won 5 each in 10 matches.

“I didn’t want to be a traitor” Ji-dong-won on why he punched Willian right before he shot him

FC Seoul striker Ji Dong-won revealed why he threw himself at Willian’s goal 소닉카지노

On the 27th at 7:00 pm at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seoul, who had the 28th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’, drew 2-2 with Ulsan. Seoul took the lead with Ilyuchenko’s goal, but Ju Min-kyu scored multiple goals in the second half to allow the turnaround. However, in the second half of extra time, Willian scored a dramatic equalizer after a fantastic breakthrough to prevent defeat. 

Ji Dong-won also stepped on the ground that day. Ji Dong-won, who returned from an injury in the match against Daegu last year after 1 year and 5 months, was substituted in place of Ki Sung-yueng in the 33rd minute of the second half and digested a total of 20 minutes until extra time in the second half. Around the 45th minute of the second half, he also scored an effective shot by hitting a left-footed mid-range shot from outside the penalty box. Although he did not score points or attack points, it was significant that he improved the sense of the game by playing 10 more minutes than before Daegu. 

After the game, Ji Dong-won said, “I wanted to enter when we were winning. After being reversed, I couldn’t touch the ball much and it was a little vague. I think it’s fortunate that we didn’t lose.” 

On this day, Ji Dong-won drew attention with a scene other than shooting or passing. In Willian’s goal scene, Ji Dong-won, who was in front of him right before the shot, threw himself. It was a move to avoid Willian’s shot.

Ji Dong-won said, “I didn’t want to become a traitor.

When asked why he hadn’t been able to come out so far, he replied, “I think the physical condition I think and the physical condition the coaching staff think are different. I don’t know.” 

Ji Dong-won has no big goals for the rest of the season. Ji Dong-won added, “I don’t have a personal goal. I just want to do my best for the team when given the time to play.” 

6G 4Homer, 17 RBI, and 4 walks…Futures Bomber, 1st team 7 pounds, 1 ounce of sumo wash.

KIA Tigers outfielder Kim Seok-hwan is raging in the Futures League. 

Kim Seok-hwan has raised 먹튀검증 expectations as a left-handed hitter prospect for the second year. However, he was pushed out of the first team competition this year as well as last year. He has been quietly picking up the bat in the Futures team. He did not disappoint even if there was no call-up, sold out to the game, and then hit the updraft in July, and in August, he is spreading a blow comparable to that of a volcano. 

In particular, the last 6 games until the 27th were bombing-level hits. The Hampyeong match against Goyang started on the 18th. He hit a double next to right fielder in the 1st inning with 1 out and 1st and 2nd base to score the winning run, and in the 3rd inning, he scored 3 hits and 6 RBIs, including a superior 3-run home run. The next day, he had 2 hits and 1 home run, including the game-winning hit. 

On the 20th, Goyang showed off his ability as a solver by harvesting 3 hits and 4 RBIs in 6 at-bats. He took four days off and reignited the bat again. On the 25th, in the match against NC in Hampyeong, he took a breather with 1 hit in 3 at-bats, and on the 26th, he started a solo home run in the second inning. On Sunday, the 27th, in the bottom of the 5th inning, when Gyeonggi Province was tied 4-4, with 1 out, 1st and 2nd base, he launched a 120m superior two-run gun, leading to a 7th consecutive win. 

He is 11-for-24 with four home runs and 17 RBIs in six games. He struck the final blow four times out of six games, sparking his solver instinct. With a batting average of 3.77 in August, 4 homers and 25 RBIs, he is playing the role of a center hitter. He passionately appealed to the first team in the Futures League. This is enough to talk about promotion to the 1st team. 

However, it is not easy to get out of the current fielding team in the first team. Outfielders Lee Woo-seong, Lee Chang-jin, and Choi Won-jun have been playing their part in batting and defense recently. There are Woo-hyeok Byun and Seon-woo Oh as first basemen. The current team needs a catcher. Kim Tae-goon and Han Jun-su need a catcher to ease the two-person system in the home room.

You can look forward to the expanded entry that adds 5 people from my September 1st. Due to Sanchez and Eui-ri Lee’s injury issues, the starting mound is not good enough, so there will be many pitchers, but there is a possibility of reinforcing fielders. Of course, Kim Seok-hwan could be a promotion candidate. However, it is a structure that does not receive many opportunities even if it comes up to the first team because it is a situation of stratification.   

This year, the first team life was only 12 days. It was four days before the opening, and on May 30, it came up briefly and stayed for eight days. As a backup, he entered 16 at-bats in 4 games and recorded 1 hit and 2 RBIs in 14 at-bats. The towel is 7 pennies. Like this, there were few opportunities because the performance of other players had improved in the first team. Still, attention is paid to how Kim Seok-hwan’s fall will unfold.

‘This is the ace in the hole’ Ryu Hyun-jin snaps 3-game TOR streak, wins 3rd straight with 5 innings of 3-run baseball… But after 6th inning blunder, he’s replaced and it’s a waste First QS of the season

 Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays)소닉카지노 once again showed the face of an ace. With the victory to save the team from a three-game losing streak, he won three individual victories in a row.

On the 27th (Korean time), Ryu Hyun-jin started the game against the Cleveland Guardians in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was replaced with no bases loaded due to a series of errors in the infield in the 6th inning, but he met the conditions for victory with 4 hits (2 home runs), 4 hits, 5 strikeouts, 3 runs and 2 earned runs in 5 innings. Toronto beat Cleveland 8-3 to break a three-game losing streak.

It was his 5th start this season, and it was a reunion with the opponent Cleveland, who suffered a bruise on a direct hit to the knee in 4 no-hitters on the 8th and did not win.

In his last 4 games, he is 2-1 with a 1.89 earned run average. In the comeback game on the 2nd, he suffered a loss to the Baltimore Orioles by giving up 4 runs in 5 innings, but in the following 3 games, he won 2 wins with no earned runs in 14 innings. After his major league debut, he showed a strong side with an average ERA of 2.35 in 4 games against Cleveland, 2 wins and no losses, and this year, as there was a record of 4 no-hitters and no runs in 4 innings, expectations for 3 wins were high.

Toronto was on a three-game losing streak from Baltimore on the 24th to Cleveland on the 26th. Kevin Gaussman, Jose Berrios and Chris Bassitt suffered consecutive defeats. In the wild card competition, they were 1.5 games behind the Seattle Mariners-Texas Rangers (72-56) and the Houston Astros (72-58). With the Tampa Bay Rays (78-52) far ahead, Toronto must beat two of these three teams, Seattle, Texas and Houston, to go into fall baseball.

Ryu Hyun-jin climbed the mound with a great sense of responsibility. The result was a victory that broke the team’s three-game losing streak. After the first win of the season against the Cubs on the 14th, Toronto stopped losing streak for the second time. Ryu Hyun-jin, a player who brings victory when needed, showed off his ace mode.

Although he failed to achieve a quality start with 2 errors in the 6th inning, he did his job with 5 strikeouts and 3 runs in 5 innings. Five strikeouts is a new record for most strikeouts in one game this season. His earned run average rose to 2.25.

▶ ‘4 innings of silence’ Cleveland, challenge with new lineup

Cleveland Cole Calhoun (1st baseman) – Jose Ramirez (DH) – Oscar Gonzalez (left fielder) – Ramon Loreano (right fielder) – Andres Jimenez (2nd baseman) – Gabriel Arias (shortstop) – Tyler Freeman (third baseman) – Cam Callagher (catcher) – Miles Straw (center fielder) Steven Kwan, Brian Roccio, and Beau Naylor, who appeared in the game on the 8th, are missing. The starting pitcher was Logan Allen, who was 6-6 with a 3.40 ERA.

Toronto: Whit Merrifield (left fielder) – Bo Vichet (designated hitter) – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (1st baseman) – George Springer (right fielder) – Davis Schneider (2nd baseman) – Danny Jansen (catcher) – Matt Chapman (3rd baseman) -Santiago Espinal (shortstop)-Dalton Basho (center fielder) started out.

Ryu Hyun-jin climbed the mound for the team’s advancement to the postseason and its third win of the season. At the same time, he also challenged the Toronto franchise record. That’s four consecutive games without an earned run. In 1997, Pat Hentgen was the only starter (excluding the opener) to record an earned run in four consecutive games in Toronto club history. From May 5 to 21, 1997, Hentgen recorded 3 runs in 35 innings, including two shutouts and one complete game in four games.

▶ Ryu is steadfast despite the home run… In the first inning of Toronto,

the pitcher hit the front straight from the start of the first inning. A four-seam fastball thrown at Calhoun headed toward Ryu Hyun-jin at a speed of 93.7 miles per hour (about 150.8 km). It was a moment when the bad luck against Cleveland came to mind, but Ryu Hyun-jin flexibly leaned back and handled his batted ball calmly.

After one out, he threw back-to-back fastballs to Ramirez and got a home run. It was a mistake. The first pitch was also driven to the middle, but the second pitch that led to the home run was even higher. A strong hit at 104.2 miles per hour (about 167.7 km) flew 391 feet (about 119.2 m). It was a big hit that could become a home run in all 30 major league baseball stadiums. It was the first home run in four games after hitting a home run by Gunner Henderson in the sixth inning against Baltimore on the 2nd. The challenge of 4 consecutive games without an earned run has also come to an end.

Ryu Hyun-jin did not waver even after conceding. He struck out Gonzalez, who suffered a bruised knee in the previous encounter, and returned Loreano to the first pitch to finish the first inning. Gonzalez created an advantageous ball count with three consecutive changeups, then struck out on a swing with a curveball. His first strikeout in the game on the 27th. Then, Loreano handled the second baseman’s floating ball with his first fastball.

Toronto immediately turned around in the bottom of the first inning and lightened Ryu Hyun-jin’s shoulders. When lead hitter Merrifield hit a double that landed to the left side of left field, American League batting title challenger Vichet tied the game with a timely hit that landed in left center. Guerrero Jr. was caught on a ground ball by second baseman Jimenez’s ‘behind back pass’ throw, and Springer stopped at third baseman ground ball, but Davis Schneider saved the atmosphere after two outs. He hit Alan’s two-pitch fastball and hit a come-from-behind two-run home run over the left-middle fence.

▶ Episode 2 KK three-way offense…

In the third inning, Ryu Hyun-jin, who had the lead to safely escape the second base crisis, gained momentum with two consecutive strikeouts. He threw a cutter to Jimenez and struck out swinging wrong. He threw a changeup, his main weapon, to Arias, who was enduring with three consecutive fouls, and induced a swing.

The last out count in the second inning was decorated with a sensible defense. The fastball thrown to Freeman rolled between the pitcher and first baseman, and Ryu Hyun-jin quickly followed it and connected it to first baseman Guerrero Jr. with a glove toss. In a situation where it could have been too late if he caught and threw, he made an outcount with good judgment and an accurate throw. The number of pitches up to the second inning was 28, and 21 of them were strikes.

With the score at 3-1, Ryu Hyun-jin was hit by a double by lead batter Gallagher in the third inning. It wasn’t a ball that flew far. Third baseman Chapman tried to handle it with a diving catch, but failed to put it in his glove, and the ball rolled back, resulting in a double. 9th hitter Straw’s third baseman sacrifice bunt made it 1 out and 3rd base, but Ryu Hyun-jin did not concede. Calhoun was dealt with a short left fielder’s fly ball, and Ramirez, who had previously hit a home run, blocked it with a sliding catch by center fielder Basho.

Episode 4 went smoothly. Ryu Hyun-jin threw a changeup to Gonzalez and induced a third baseman grounder. Loreano also led the fly ball with a changeup. Jimenez returned with a three-pitch strikeout. The count was set with the first ball curve, and the ball count became 0-2 as the 2-ball cutter became a foul. Ryu Hyun-jin did not return. He dropped the 3-pitch curve low outside the left-handed hitter Jimenez and pulled out a miss. It was the 4th strikeout in the game that day.

▶ 6 consecutive infield errors, QS after 463 days of flying.

After a reversal in the 1st inning, the Toronto lineup, which had stopped, regained strength in the 4th inning. Davis, the protagonist of the come-from-behind home run, came out as the lead batter and opened the door with a double to left field. Battery partner Jansen made the first and third base safely with a left-handed hit. Chapman made it 4-1 with a heavy hit, and Espinal made it 5-1 with a sacrifice fly to center field.

Ryu Hyun-jin climbed the mound in the 5th inning for victory with a margin of 4 points. Arias, the first hitter, drove the ball count to 3-1, but eventually struck out. He made a full count by inducing a swing with a changeup, and froze Arias with a fastball of 91 miles per hour (about 146.4 km). In this way, Ryu Hyun-jin increased the record for the most strikeouts in a game this season from 4 to 5.

The first pitch thrown by Freeman turned into a home run. It was Freeman’s first home run in his major league debut. As in the first inning, the home run failed to shake Ryu Hyun-jin. Ryu Hyun-jin caught Gallagher with a shortstop grounder and Straw with a pitcher grounder. Gallagher and Straw both pulled out ground balls with changeups.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who threw only 60 pitches until the 5th inning, continued pitching in the 6th inning. If this inning is safely passed, Ryu Hyun-jin was able to achieve a quality start in 463 days since 6 scoreless innings against Cincinnati on May 21 last year. However, Ryu Hyun-jin and Toronto were at a critical point in the 6th inning when they were leading 5-2.

Ryu Hyun-jin got a left-handed hit by lead batter Calhoun and had to face Ramirez, the most dangerous hitter in Cleveland. Chapman’s double play failed as he missed a frontal hit. The situation got worse with no 1st and 2nd base.

Even Gonzalez went on base due to Espinal’s error, and the bases were loaded safely, and Ryu Hyun-jin had to come down the mound in vain. Toronto home fans cheered Ryu Hyun-jin with a standing ovation. Pitching coach Pete Walker wrapped his arms around his shoulders and read it, and Ryu Hyun-jin responded with a bright smile.

On the mound, Garcia had already managed to get the bases loaded safely. The first batter, Loreano, gave up a ball that hit his body and let go, but Jimenez, Arias, and Freeman all struck out on a swing. Ryu Hyun-jin’s concession stopped at 3 points. The 6th inning was recorded as an unearned run, so the earned run was 2 points.

After finishing the sixth inning with a 5-3 lead, Toronto ran away in the seventh. Following Guerrero Jr.’s hit to the right, Springer hit a double that went to the left of left field. The solver Schneider at bat returned from second and third base safely. Schneider hit a timely hit with one RBI against the changed pitcher James Carinchak. With the bases loaded with two outs, Basho scored two RBIs in a timely manner, bringing the score to 8-3.

In the bullpen, following Garcia, Eric Swanson and Tim Maysa in the 7th inning, and Trevor Richards in the 8th inning finished the game. Richards was responsible for the second inning.

“He hit my foot!” Referee’s confession… ‘Shock loss’ leaves LG heartbroken, victorious NC stunned

LG and NC exchanged one point each in four innings, and among the starting pitchers, Adam Plutko of LG was the first to go down the mound. He complained of discomfort in his left adductor muscle (a muscle on the inside of his thigh),메이저놀이터 and was replaced for his protection. From the 5th episode, LG put in Pil Seung-jo. In the 6th inning, he succeeded in attacking NC starter Tanner and bullpen Kim Young-gyu, and scored 4 points. 5-1 lead. In fact, it seemed that LG was leaning more towards the game.

NC counterattacked with a ground home run following a storm run at the end of the 6th inning. After two outs, Kim Joo-won created a liner ball that flew toward the left fielder. LG left fielder Moon Seong-joo, who was trying to handle the batted ball after it bounced, attempted a sliding catch, but missed it. In a situation with a 4-point lead on his back, he regrets what it would have been like if he had caught it more reliably and stably. In the end, Kim Joo-won made a ground home run by going around third base and sweeping home. It was the third KBO league hit this season and the 93rd ground home run in KBO league history. In addition, it was Kim Joo-won, who ranked 4th in the youngest ground home run ever. It became 5-2, and in the 8th inning Do Tae-hoon hit a solo shot to make it 5-3, but LG still had the advantage.

and the bottom of the 9th inning. NC’s last attack. Still scored 2 points. The LG pitcher is Woo-seok “Closer” Go. It was obviously difficult for NC to turn over. Go Woo-seok treated lead hitter Kim Hyung-joon with a fly ball to right field and then grounded Son Ah-seop to third base. 2 out. Now, there is only one out count left to win. Park Min-woo hit a hit in the middle of the right and carried on a thread of hope. However, Go Woo-seok induced the follow-up Park Gun-woo to ground to second base, and Shin Min-jae tossed Oh Ji-hwan to 3 outs, and the game seemed to end as it was. There were also NC fans packing their bags.

At this time, however, second base umpire Yoon Sang-won gestured that the game was not over by sending a signal with both hands facing up. On the relay screen, referee Yoon was caught shouting loudly, saying, “My foot was hit.” Looking at the slow screen, the direction of the batted ball was slightly refracted as the shoe that referee Yoon was wearing was slightly brushed. Shin Min-jae caught it by changing the direction of his glove momentarily and quickly, and tossed it to second base, but the game did not end. After holding the microphone, the umpires said on the spot, “As the ball hit the umpire’s leg, the runners advance one base by upstruction.” For LG fans, it was the moment when an ordinary ground ball that should have ended the game turned into an unfortunate hit.
(c) Ball Dead in KBO Baseball Rule 5.06 Running Base: ‘The ball is dead and the runner advances one base or returns to the original base if: In the meantime, runners are not out’, and paragraph (6) of this stipulates, ‘If a fair ball that does not touch an infielder (including pitcher) is hit by a runner or an umpire in fair territory, or passes an infielder (excluding pitcher). If an unplayed fair ball is hit by an umpire—each runner who must clear the base by becoming a runner advances.’ Then, in the [booking], it is written, ‘If the ball passes through the pitcher and is hit by the umpire standing in the infield, the ball becomes dead’.

After that, the strange flow continued. The next hitter, Martin’s batted ball, bounced in front of Oh Ji-hwan, leading to a timely hit. In the meantime, Park Min-woo stepped on the home and made it 5-4, one point. Kwon Hee-dong stepped into the bat in NC’s 2nd, 1st and 3rd base opportunities that continued. Kwon Hee-dong hit a 156km fastball in the middle of the 6th pitch after a full count game with Go Woo-seok, and hit a reversal three-run four (season 5 home run, distance 120m) that went over the left fence. Witnessing the shocking defeat, LG fans couldn’t hide their disappointment. Of course, referee Yoon didn’t intentionally hit the ball with his leg out. The case where the referee is hit by a batted ball is a scene that often appears in the game. Nevertheless, the victorious NC fans were also happy, but at the same time expressed a sense of uneasiness. With this victory, NC took advantage of 7 wins and 6 losses against LG this season. So far, NC is the only team that is ahead of LG in terms of opponents this season.

After the game, coach Kang In-kwon said, “Today, the entire team and all the fans who came to the baseball field to support us were able to win because of their desire to win without giving up until the end. Congratulations on Kwon Hee-dong’s come-from-behind home run. I will prepare well so that I can continue my winning streak in Edo,” he said.

In a situation where the game could have ended in victory, LG fans who could not do so had no choice but to collapse. On the other hand, the victorious NC fans also left an unpleasant aftertaste.

NC Dinos won the LG Twins 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game at Changwon NC Park on the 26th with Kwon Hee-dong’s dramatic three-run four after two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning to win a 7-5 come-from-behind victory.

With this victory, NC, which had a 14-1 victory on the 25th, continued its upward trend and recorded 54 wins, 49 losses and 2 draws. NC maintained 4th place by beating 5th place Doosan by one and a half games. 3rd place SSG Landers and rides 3 games. On the other hand, LG lost 2 in a row and recorded 65 wins, 40 losses and 2 draws. League standings are still #1. However, they were chased by 2nd place KT, who won on the same day, by 5.5 games.